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CDG Porn Games Coming With All The Card Games XXX

When we put together this site, we wanted to make sure that we feature all the games that a card player might want. We have two big categories of games on our site. First of all, we have the collection of card battle games in which you will have to build all kinds of decks with multiple champions each coming with different abilities that will help you win in PVP battles with other players. And then we have the casino card games in which you can try your luck either in single player mode or at casino card tables. These casino games are coming with erotic rewards for all wins, and we have games themed with all kinds of parody characters. You can enjoy poker sex games with naked celebrities in which you will unlock nudes the more you win at the card games, some anime card games with sexy unlockable scenes and many other crazy and kinky ideas that will sure enchant you.

All the games of our site were built using HTML5, which means a much more complex gameplay with all kinds of feature that will make them superior to everything you’ve played before on other sites. We’re the first site that comes with everything you need for cross platform accessibility. No matter what device you use, be it a classic computer or a mobile touch screen device. Both the interface of the website and also every single game on the site was built to offer excellent touch screen gameplay. And everything on our site is coming for free and you don’t even need an account to play the games. Let’s talk more about what we offer on our site in the paragraphs below.

The Card Arena Battle Games With XXX Kinks

CDG Porn Games is offering some of the best hardcore porn games on the web. We included some awesome porn game parodies in which the action is based on CDG gameplay. For example, we have multiple porn game parodies for HearthStone. All the characters and champions in the HS universe were parodied in these games. You will enjoy their naughty versions and I’m sure you waited so much to see the characters from all across the Blizzard universe turned into their slutty selves in these games. And we offer the same gameplay style like the original HS game. For example, you can build decks and test them in single player mode during training matches, and then get matches with other players from all across the world who are having the same gameplay experience and level.

But at the same time, we offer battle arena card games that are coming with all new plots and characters. We even have different style games which are based on arena battle card gameplay. We have some RPG porn games that will keep you entertained with multiplayer gaming experience. In these multiplayer RPG card games you can battle other players in PVPs with both 1v1 and 3v3 battles, and even party games in which you will team up with other players to fight a common boss.


We have so many hardcore porn games on our site in which you can enjoy any kind of casino and table card games. This category of games will also come with multiplayer rooms where you will play together or against other gamers from all across the world. You can paly these games for free with no registration. But if you register in the games, you will also be able to save all the credit, in-game money or in points in these games and use them to play for bigger rewards. All the rewards and prizes in these games are coming with erotic content which depends on the theme of the games. There are games in this collection based on all kinds of themes. There are anime porn games, there are some hardcore sex games based on popular movies such as Avengers or series such as Game of Thrones. We even have games with erotic rewards featuring characters from famous cartoons.

All HTML5 Games For Excellent Gameplay Experience

The collection that we feature on our site is coming with only HTML5 games. If you don’t know things about gaming development, you should know hat HTML5 games are the games of the future. You will notice that the games that we upload on this site are coming with excellent graphics and physics. All the new games are coming with better and better graphics and gameplay. On top of that, some of the battle card games with collectable heroes are coming with new cards for your decks on regular basis.

We made sure that the games are fast loading and that they don’t get interrupted by any lags of bugs. We have everything you need for proper experience, no matter if you get in these games from Android or from iOS mobile devices and no matter if you use a Windows or a Mac computer.

Safe And Free Gaming Experience With Minimal Advertising

CDG Porn Games is coming with a lot of content that’s featured on a safe site. We made sure to offer an end to end encryption on our site, with no security breaches. We also don’t need your personal data for anything. Not even when you create profiles for our games or to enjoy the community features of our site. We offer free and unlimited gaming with no aggressive advertisement. Our site only features static or GIF banners with no sound and no pop up or redirection to third party platforms. On top of that, we excluded any kind of in game advertisement from the start. If you want to have fun on our site you are free to do so and the single thing we ask from you is to confirm that you are over 18 years old.

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